About Bryson

Bryson's passion for science and the natural world began at a young age. Growing up in Florida, he spent his early 
years "exploring" the forests, fields, and backyards around his house. Climbing trees, catching snakes, and memorizing reference books earned him the nickname "Encyclopedia Brysonia" by his friends in grammar school.

Upon moving to Germany during high school, Bryson's exposure to new and foreign ecosystems strengthened his interest in the outdoors, leading him to pursue environmental and biological research in numerous countries during  university. Both an Udall and Fulbright Scholar, Bryson's scientific research and conservation work has been published in peer-reviewed journals, featured in international newspapers anmagazines, and covered on television programs from around the world. 

Bryson is an avid cyclist and bicycle collector, and regularly commutes to work by road bike, penny-farthing, or bakfiets. 

A professional tree-climber, Bryson has done aerial rigging for television shows on 5 continents, and runs climbing courses for several universities and research institutes. 

Bryson is also a trained photographer and cameraman, selling wildlife photos and video footage to many news outlets. 

  Bryson with a three-toed sloth in Panama                                                         Bryson riding a penny-farthing in Florida, circa 1880

                                                                                                                    Bryson carefully rappelling next to a spiny palm tree                   

      On board the SEDNA filming ship                                                                       Koala catching for research on French Island                    

Snapping sunset photos from an abandoned lighthouse in Panama                                        Kayaking on Escudo de Veraguas (© Element)

Descending an emergent fig tree